Internet Marketing Strategy – A Quick Look At Internet Marketing

Digital marketing is a growing part of online marketing, which makes use of modern digital technologies including desktop computers, hand held devices and other electronic media and platforms such as the internet. It is the fastest growing sector in online marketing with over $20 billion estimated spent on e-marketing annually. Digital marketing encompasses the entire gamut from web design to search engine optimization to email marketing, from pay per click to display advertising to viral marketing.

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Internet marketing covers every bit and piece of information online-from the most relevant content to the most popular keywords used to attract visitors to the websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a type of internet marketing that focuses on optimizing the content and design of the website so that it ranks higher for key phrases. It aims at providing a better user experience through an improved search result experience for users by helping them find what they are looking for faster. For example, if someone were to search for ”motor insurance in Ohio”, an ideal search result for them would be” Ohio motor insurance” because this would be highly related to the subject matter.

Organic search marketing is one form of organic internet marketing in which the organic search results are favored over any paid search result. Organic search results are those which appear natural and relevant to the user and therefore are more likely to generate or retain a user’s interest. Paid search results are those which are paid for by the company in question, whether through pay per click, pay per lead, or some other form of advertising. Organic search results tend to gain a higher ranking through organic algorithms, meaning that sites with similar content have higher chances of showing high up in organic search results, but paid search results are also highly favored by many web users, as they are quicker and easier to access and more effective in delivering the desired results. Today, over 90% of Internet users prefer organic search results to paid search results, and the trend seems to be only going to grow.